University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is one of the world’s leading centers for research and scholarship on the causes of violent conflict and strategies for sustainable peace, offering programs at the doctoral, master’s and undergraduate level. Undergraduates at Notre Dame can pursue peace studies as a 24-credit supplementary major or a 15-credit interdisciplinary minor to complement another major. Both provide students with an opportunity to integrate multiple intellectual interests and personal values into a comprehensive undergraduate learning experience.

The program offers a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that draws from both the humanities and the social sciences. Students take several core requirements that explore foundational theories and strategies, taught by expert scholars and practitioners of peacebuilding, as well as specialized courses and thematic electives drawn from a variety of departments across the university. Courses cover modern peace research, link theory and scholarship to policy and practice, and encourage reflection on how to build peaceful and just societies at all levels.

Each year, the program’s undergraduates organize and host the annual Notre Dame Student Peace Conference, which attracts graduate and undergraduate students from around the continent to “present original research and showcase innovative peacebuilding practices.” Most students undertake service work or research projects in the local community and throughout the world, utilizing opportunities available through departments and centers across campus. The Kroc Institute also honors an undergraduate each year with the Yarrow Award in Peace Studies, which recognizes academic excellence and a commitment to peace and justice in the world.

Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic university, and the peace studies program is rooted in that church’s “rich tradition of teaching on war, peace, justice and human rights.” The Kroc Institute has developed particular expertise in the study of religion, conflict and peacebuilding and in approaches that foster collaboration among religious and secular traditions in order to strengthen peacebuilding capacity. Students wishing to explore questions of interreligious or interfaith dialogue, the relationship between religion, identity and conflict, or the role of ethical approaches to peacebuilding will find the peace studies program at Notre Dame a particularly rich environment.

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Ernesto Verdeja
(574) 631-8533 (phone)