Tufts University

The peace and justice studies program at Tufts University was founded to develop students’ understanding of various crises and challenges facing the world and to “encourage involvement in nonviolent attempts to build a world of peace and justice.” Three core classes are required, including an introductory course, an internship, and a senior seminar. To major in this field, students also take one class each from five core areas grouped under the following themes: justice, war and peace, violence and peace in culture, conflict resolution, and creating social change. Further, three electives are selected by students and their academic advisers to develop an educational theme (on broad topics such as race, gender and environmental issues) that culminates in the senior seminar and sometimes a senior thesis.

Program director:
Dr. Bruce Hitchner
(617) 627-2261

Wellesley College

Wellesley College, a highly selective women’s college, launched a peace and justice studies program nearly 30 years ago. The major in that program​ now ​includes four ​required courses inside the program​, one course from among a group of courses closely linked to the program, and a concentration in the individual student’s area of focus ​ (e.g., environmental justice, gender and conflict, the Middle East). The program is designed to integrate the many areas of intellectual inquiry relating to the historical and contemporary search for a peaceful and just society and world.Also required is an experiential learning component, such as an internship or service project, to be arranged on an individual basis with an academic advisor and then reflected on afterwards during a unit of independent study.​

The establishment of Wellesley’s peace and justice studies program was inspired by the life and work of Emily Green Balch, a professor fired from Wellesley for her anti-war views​ during World War I. Balch went on to become a leader of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946.

Program contact:
Lawrence Rosenwald
(781) 283-2634