John Carroll University

The peace, justice and human rights program at John Carroll University, a Jesuit institution, views human rights as a “fundamental ethical obligation” and “peace as inseparable from justice.” The university offers a 36-credit major in peace, justice and human rights, with just three required courses and wide latitude to pick elective classes. This allows individual students to tailor the focus of their studies on a particular region of the world, specific global issue, or a theme related to peace, justice and/or human rights. The required courses include an internship and a capstone project that includes a research paper.

Values emphasized by the program include “political pluralism, cultural and religious diversity, ecological balance and nonviolent conflict resolution and transformation,” with a goal of providing students the knowledge and skills to “seek justice and promote peace.” A 21-credit hour minor is also available to undergraduate students.

John Carroll’s peace, justice and human rights program sponsors off-campus summer institutes to provide opportunity for experiential study of peace and human rights issues in places like Northern Ireland and South Africa.

Program Director: Dr. Richard Clark
(216) 397-6656