Nazareth College

Nazareth College established its peace and justice studies major in 2009 – a “provocative” program that examines questions of peace, social justice and conflict resolution. Core courses include classes in nonviolence, conflict resolution, ethics, political philosophy and liberation thought, which explores the theology and ethics of “liberative social change and environmental responsibility.” Peace and justice majors are required to complete a two-semester community service internship and complete a senior seminar on nonviolence, which includes a senior thesis requirement.

Electives in the peace and justice studies major are divided between six concentration tracks: economic justice; faith, peace and justice; gender and racial justice; global justice; peace and war; and social change. One of the central questions addressed by this major is “whether peace and justice are ends that can be achieved through violence, or are means as well as ends.”

Program director:
Dr. Harry Murray
(585) 389-2760