Goucher College

The Peace Studies program in the Center for Geographies of Justice at Goucher College emphasizes training in research, analysis, writing, team-building, dialogue and collaboration, through studies of nonviolence, human rights, social movements, causes of economic disparities, consumption and conflict, among others. We use these skills and theories to analyze and understand the causes, history and persistence of conflicts. We are particularly interested in strategies for peace building in a number of social and political settings and seek to propose alternatives to structures of oppression.

Training in mediation is available to students, staff and faculty through a collaboration between the Mediation Club, the Peace Studies Program and a trainer from Baltimore Community Mediation. Upper-class students may elect to live in the Peace House.

The Peace Studies major at Goucher College is 44 credits and the minor is 27 credits. Goucher College requires that all students study abroad prior to graduation and offers three-week intensive and semester-long study abroad options. Peace Studies, along with the language and political science departments, requires a semester of study abroad in programs with specific relevance to peace and conflict. In 2017, the options include a program in the Balkans to study peace-building and post-conflict transformation, and the impact of international intervention in state formation, as well as a program in Uganda that focuses on foreign aid and international development. Goucher also offers study-abroad programs with peace studies content in Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Israel, Morocco, Norway and Thailand. Please consult our website for the most up-to-date information: www.goucher.edu/peacestudies.

Program director:
Seble Dawit
(410) 337-6201