Creighton University

Creighton University is committed to a Catholic, Jesuit vision of “competence, conscience and compassion in service of a faith that does justice.” Through its Justice & Peace Studies Program in the Department of Cultural and Social Studies, Creighton offers an interdisciplinary major in Justice & Society intended for students interested in careers in faith-based social change and social justice. Graduates will be prepared to “advocate for and with the poor and marginalized, and be insightful, faithful, lifelong agents for social justice and peace.” The curriculum has a strong grounding in social sciences theory and methods; it also requires extensive study of Catholic teaching related to peace and justice.

Creighton offers Encuentro Dominicano, a semester of study, service, immersion, and reflection in the Dominican Republic. In summers, faculty-led programs in recent years have taken students to China, Tanzania, Peru and South Africa, where the focus is often on justice and peace issues.

Program director:

Dr. Roger Bergman
(402) 280-1492