Pace University

The Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) program at Pace University examines direct, structural, symbolic and environmental violence; social justice; theories and practice of nonviolence and conflict transformation; conflict resolution techniques including negotiation, mediation and facilitation; and interdisciplinary perspectives on peacebuilding and peacemaking. The program reflects our commitment to theory and practice in this interdisciplinary field and is consistent with Pace University’s mission of civic engagement and global citizenship. PJS students in the major and minor program emerge as

  • as competent and confident researchers;
  • engaged in the prevention of suffering and the cessation of violent conflict; and
  • interested and committed to their own education and the education of the world around them.

New York City is an ideal place to study Peace and Justice Studies as the city offers opportunities to intern with social service or government agencies, experience cutting edge art and drama that addresses social issues, explore a landscape that is overflowing with historical markers related to social justice, participate in and observe social protest movements, take advantage of the many offerings of the United Nations and meet people from all over the world whose life stories contribute firsthand testimonies about both conflict and peace building.

Program Director:
Emily Welty, PhD
Peace and Justice Studies Program Director
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1805

Mailing address and office location:
Women’s and Gender Studies Department
c/o Pace University
41 Park Row
New York, NY 10038